Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The day started badly...what did I expect

It's been a shocking day.  I should have known this would happen as the day started poorly.  I am OB-sessed with flat whites.  My route to work is defined by the best flat white vendors in London.  After the departure of Climpsons from Match bar on Margaret Street  I've struggled with a convenient pre-work stop off.  I currently flit between The Fleet River Cafe in Holborn, Wild & Wood just down the road - both of whom serve Monmouth - and my preferred destination, Milkbar on Bateman street.

If i had visited my beloved this morning, maybe today would have been better.  But my current cold and this mornings tardiness led me to my nearest Costa...

All i can say is, Costa, if you offer a flat white, learn how to make it.  Charging £2.25 for a too hot latte with no resemblance to a smooth, creamy FW is criminal.

Tomorrow will be a better day.  Please?

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